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Am I a super woman?

Am I a super woman?

8, 9, 10 … come on! It’s already 06.50 am and I have to get up right now. The list of tasks for today is in my head and in the hope that I do not forget something, I go to the bathroom.


Image of reading womanThe next stop is the children’s room. “The kids” … it was enough, they’re big enough to fix themselves, but I still have to check what’s going on and why everyone is still sleeping. Then breakfast … Have we got milk? Did Peter buy on Monday? … I hate when he’s missing to help me with the morning preparations. Well, he will come back from the business trip after two days and everything will be normal. Now let’s see what else I have to do before we go out – check out the kids lunch, take the meat out of the freezer, feed the cat, and prepare the dances team for Eli. A quick coffee and we go right away!

Today I have an important meeting at 09.30 and I have to be absolutely ready for it. Where should we go to avoid congestion – through the center or the ring road? I have to concentrate to finish by 17.00 because Eli’s lesson starts at 6 pm so I’ll have 30 minutes to get there. Today is the parent meeting at John’s school and I hope to get home by 19.00 …

Definitely I will not have time for fitness today, but I promise to go as soon as Peter returns. For dinner I will prepare Image of reading womansteaks and then, finally, I will have some time for myself. I really can not wait to read the book and talk to my sister!

It’s great that thanks to my good friends from SYK cleaning and their end of tenancy cleaning guide I will have some free time for myself. Check them out here, you won’t regret.

Wow, it’s already 07:00. The plan for the day is ready, so – we go. Well, the question is – is it okay? Of course, to – do it every day! But how? Do I have any superpowers or maybe I’m a super woman?

This video can help you to optimize your cleaning routine.