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Organization of home with hand-made materials

Organization of home with hand-made materials

The good organization of the home facilitates the housewife in the housework, makes the dwelling more spacious and cozy, keeps everything in order. Here are some easy ideas for organizing your home with handy materials.

Use the boxes of chocolate egg toys to store pills or other small items Click To Tweet

Use the boxes of chocolate egg toys to store pills or other small items (earrings, rings, needles, small buttons, small coins).

Keep the jars of baby puree or jam because they are ideal for organizing the work area. Inside, you can put paper clips, tweezers, and pin boards. The other option is to use the jars for organizing the home workshop – different bolts, nuts, nails fit nicely. The third option is to apply jars of baby puree to an organization in the kitchen for spices.

Take a one-pot desiccator. Paint it in pastel color and arrange the child coloring books in it. You can put colored pencils and crayons in the cutlery.

Organize jewellery with handmade materials.

  • Option 1 – Use ice form to store different kinds of bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants. Since the market has all sorts of ice shapes, there is no danger that the drawer drawer looks boring and usually.
  • Option 2 – Keep some small tuna preserves. Paint them in bright colors or paint them with colored foil. They can sort the jewellery you have, or store individual sets, as well as bands, pins and other hair accessories.

Organize the wardrobe with handmade materials.

In a pillow hold a sheet, duvet and the other pillow of the same set. You can put your socks in small plastic panners. On a tie hanger you can hang your favorite scarves or belts.

Use jars of winter to organize your kitchen. They can hold different pulses, separate types of paste, a mix of tea bags, and also products like flour, sugar, salt. In order not to be too boring, you can put color labels or paint them with paint.

And do not forget to keep your home in order first of all it must be clean. South West London end of tenancy cleaners can easily deal with the mess in your house, learn more here.